5 Wardrobe Basics That Never Stop Giving

The past few weeks I’ve found myself feeling a little (ok, quite a lot) uninspired in terms of my style and overall appearance in general. I’ve even mulled over the idea of getting a full head of bleach and re-living my peroxide blonde days because I’m just so bored.

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Why fashion is more than materialism

The fashion industry is commonly accused of being the poster-industry of consumerist materiliasm. The more we buy, the more we want, without ever feeling truly satisfied. I’m no stranger to feeling that joy when a sales assistant hands over a glossy box with a brand new pair of patent boots inside, or the coat you’ve been dreaming of for the past two weeks, or even just the cutest pair of PJs.

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One Scarf, Three Ways

I finally found the ‘silk’ scarf i’ve been searching for (and at a bargain price, because between you and me – it ain’t really silk). Anyway, it turns out this is the accessory that I’ve been missing my entire life. I’m no stranger to a rash ASOS order because i’m bored to death of everything I own so I’m always looking for small ways to reinvent the pieces already in my wardrobe that make me love them all over again.

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