Have you ever wondered about how others get dressed in the morning? Do they plan every day on a Sunday evening, all set for the week ahead? Or are they like me, partaking in a mad morning rush, frantically digging in the bottom of the wardrobe for something that’s a) comfortable b) doesn’t need ironed and c) office appropriate?Well, I say ‘office appropriate’ but really my line of work is pretty chill about dress code. Anyway, here’s my little outfit diary, from Monday to Friday. Well, Friday to Monday to be precise. Because all good ideas start on a Friday, right?

Monday 11/6/18

It’s a casual one for me today. Skin breakouts & lack of sleep seem to have sucked any confidence and inspiration from my body, so I’m in my comfiest dark denim Weekday jeans and a long sleeve Mango tee. As basic as they come really. Oh and to make things a little more interesting I layered my Zara khaki waistcoat/ gilet/ whatever you want to call it over the top. P.s. Can you tell I don’t like ironing?

Zara Waistcoat | Weekday Jeans (via ASOS)Mango Top

Tuesday 12/6/18

Oh hello Tuesday, you wee bugger. I always find it harder to get up and at ’em on a Tuesday morning for some reason, but here I am, dressed and ready. Well truthfully, I took these snaps after work today because I was running out the door like a chicken without a head ce matin (that’s French for this morning).

Keeping it casual but not too casual, I’m wearing a brown linen tee paired with my trusty Toppers jeans. I’ve thrown one of my recent purchases – the Zara blazer that I rarely remove from my body – for good measure and in an attempt to smarten things up a little.

H&M Linen Tee | Topshop Jeans | Zara Blazer | Necklace (similar)

Wednesday 13/6/18

I’ll be honest – dressing myself this morning was a task. I had my outfit planned out in my head the night before, but like most days, I just wasn’t feeling it. That’s what I get for trying to be organised. Anyway, I tried an assortment of variations before I settled on this ensemble.

I wouldn’t usually wear a skirt that flaunts so much leg (well, as much leg as a 5ft nothing gal has to flaunt), but the sun is shining and I’m on a mission to get more wear out of my current wardrobe! I paired this (slightly loud) skirt with my cotton frill blouse from Zara. Originally I slipped on my usual work shoes – very old Zara flats that are definitely on their way out, boo – but I’ve made the impromptu decision to switch to my Mango trainers before I dash out the door. I’m fortunate that the office is a relatively casual workplace!

Oh and my jacket is Zara’s finest circa 2016, but im pretty sure they bring in something similar very Spring.

Zara Blouse | Zara Skirt | Mango Trainers | Zara Jacket (old)

Thursday 14/6/18

There’s a storm brewing outside – Storm Hector to be precise – which is making outfit decisions a little bit trickier. I’m wearing my Finery London blouse for the hundredth time again today. Its really not often that I re-wear items on such a regular, so maybe I’m getting better at this sustainable fashun thing? Or maybe I just love this blouse. We’ll see. Popped on (more like wrestled on) these Toppers wide leg jeans in tobacco – a recent fav of mine too, and currently £20 in the sale soooo… you know what to do!

Topshop Jeans | Finery London Blouse | Miss Selfridge Denim Jacket

Friday 8/6/18

I’m pretty exhausted this morning after another night tossing and turning. So a long sleeve tee and blazer combo it is. I swear I did iron this blazer and it honestly doesn’t look as creasy IRL. I’m wearing my blue Topshop jeans again, which are evidently my go to. I’m also wearing the same mango top that I’ve worn like every second day since purchasing it. I think I’m smashing this cost-per-wear thing, no? Was feeling a little bland in my neutral outfit, so decided to get in about that hair scarf trend and go for this silky polka dot number from Wilful & North.

Zara Blazer | Topshop Jeans | Mango Top | Wilful & North Scarf

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Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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