Why I’m dumping the number on the label

Whenever someone discovered that my trousers were a size 6, I’d get the ‘oh my god, you’re so tiny!‘ exclamation. But if they were, lets say a size 10, there was often no remark or reference to my figure at all. It’s almost like being the smallest size possible is the only thing worthy of a passing comment. We’re all guilty.

But here’s the thing: its the same me, same bum, same chunky thighs – just different clothes. In one skirt I might be able to swan around comfortably in an XS (always a good day, I’ll admit), then in another I’ll be bursting at the seems of a Medium. Hence, my relationship with my dress size has always been volatile and bitter-sweet And now it’s time to dump it’s ass.

The vast variation in size from store to store, or even just item to item, is something that has become increasingly more obviously. It’s also becoming increasingly irritating. Finding clothes that fit is basically a guessing game and online shopping is literally a minefield. Like ‘ I’m usually a size 8, but I couldn’t get those trousers past my shins last time, but I was 6 in those ones I bought the week before, so umm… I’ll just order one in every size.’ Do you feel me?!

Now, obviously the fit of clothes is going to vary depending on brand, cut, fabric, and your own body. I know this. But one thing I’m really not cool with is the disappointment we are all programmed to feel when we can’t fit into the size we’d hoped. Christ, you’d assume someone had died if you’d seen me after attempting (and failing) to get a denim mini skirt over my hips last night. It was a dark, dark time…

But really – why does going up a single dress size feel like admitting defeat? I feel good, I know I’m fit and healthy, so why does not being able to squeeze my arse into a size 6 make me feel like a piece of shit? I mean, we all know it’s pretty much just a random number but we still seem to care. And guess what – we shouldn’t!


Whether you have maybe gained a lil bit of winter weight (hey – we all have, no biggie!) or if the blouse is just a tight fit, the size of shirt on your back does not define you. Which is why you and I should stick up a middle finger to the number on the label and make a conscious decision to ignore not give a shit. Amen.


Blouse – Zara | Bag- Zara | Trousers – ASOS | Lipstick – MAC Dangerous 

Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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