What to wear when you don’t know what the F to wear


Maybe you’re overwhelmed at the state of your wardrobe. Maybe you ate double your bodyweight in nachos last night. Or maybe you just have a really shitty body image today. Whatever it is, honey, I feel you.

We’ve all spent longer than we’d care admit infront of the mirror frantically getting dressed then undressed. Switching the slightly too tight jeans for wide leg trews with an elastic waistband, yanking the white blouse with the remainders of last week’s avocado dribbled down the front back over our heads before pulling on a stain-proof black sweatshirt. Sound familiar?


Ok, so maybe you’re not as indecisive as me or maybe you’ve just got your shit together and actually plan your outfits the day before. But even then plans change, the weather forecast is wildly unreliable (well, if you’re in Scotland it is) and more often than not that trendy get up you envisioned in your head at 1am last night just don’t work.

For y’all out there that have a tough time making any kind of shoe-related decision,  a seriously unorganised wardrobe, and generally a very volatile body image (christ, one day I feel like Beyonce and the next I refuse to wear anything thats remotely fitted) – this post is for you.


So, what do you wear when you have absolutely no fucking idea what to wear? The answer – something comfy AF, duh.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
First things first – stick to what you know. When you’re not feeling yourself or your wardrobe, the worst thing you can do is experiment. I mean, for sure, play around with fashion, embrace new trends, go freakin’ crazy – but just not today. Usually when I decided to wear something not very Bex I don’t feel as confident. It might look fabulous (or not – but god loves a trier) but chances are you just won’t feel comfortable, particularly if you’re already having a down day. So if you’re usually a black jeans and grey tee kinda gal, garishly pink trousers probably aren’t your best bet.



When I’m feeling down in the dumps about my figure or uninspired by my clothes, I layer.

I layer because not only does layering allow me to cover up my insecurities (i.e. Sunday morning’s three course breakfast), but it also makes any outfit look cool. And we all wanna look cool, right? Well, this is the point where the polo neck becomes your most prized possession. Wear it under a slip dress, paired with a blazer, or tucked into your most comfortable trousers – its a winner all round.



Now feet. Save yourself the stress of kicking an assortment of boots, brogues, loafers around the room and just opt for trainers.


They’re comfortable and if you ask me, they look pretty damn cool. (*continues to thank fashion gods for making trainers a thing outside of the gym*). Also, they come in pretty handy for when you’re running late to brunch, or in my case, just really bloody hungry. GO GO GO.


When it comes to colour palette and accessories I keep things pretty simple, but amp it up by playing with silhouettes (why do i still struggle to spell ‘silhouettes’? Sweet baby jesus). Like this not-so-basic trench coat with exaggerated sleeves. And you can take a ‘meh’ blazer to the next level simply by tying a belt around the waist. EAZYYY. Oh, and don’t forget to throw on a pair of black sunglasses, y’know, just for some understated extra-ness.



Blazer – BOOHOO | Coat – MANGO | Top – MANGO | Trousers – TOPSHOP | Shoes – Converse via DV8 FASHION

Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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