I’m gonna be honest – I almost didn’t post these photos at all because I hated them so much, BUT I did love my outfit and wanted to share, so here I am.

Today’s milder weather (I say mild but what I really mean is not windy AF) got me kinda pumped for Spring. I’m a lover of winter clothes – oversized outwear and leather boots hashtag FASHUN – but I do get a lil bit excited when the mornings stop being so grim and the evenings less dark. And obviously the fact that I can start building my new season wardrobe.

So I thought i’d share the key pieces that I can already envisage myself wearing throughout the entire season.


1.Polka dots

I did love a polka dot during my teenage years, but somewhere along my journey from lost student to slightly less lost adult I decided that the print wasn’t for me. For a while I strongly associated polka dots with 50s pin up vibes – totally glam, and by proxy totally not me. However 2018 has given the dotty print a fresh new life, making it less Dita Von-Tease and more modern street style. From blouses to boots, I’ll definitely be wearing more of polka dots this season.

2. Light denim

Ok, I don’t think light wash denim ever dies, but I feel like we’re all guilty of ditching our blue jeans for a trusty black pair over the winter month. I’ve always been wary about this kinda denim because 1. my legs are short and thick and 2. they don’t camouflage spilled coffee stains like black jeans do. But heck, I LOVE the way these bleached jeans look with more tailored and structured pieces like a blazer and fedora.



3. Kitten heel boots

You might think UGLY but I think FABULOUS. For real though, I love a kitten heel. I don’t even know why, I think maybe I’m just drawn to everything society tells us we shouldn’t love. Anyway, I bought four pairs of these bad boys in various prints and colours over January (lol I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself) and I’ll definitely be trotting around in them  during the coming season. Haters gon’ hate (but pls tell me you love them so I feel validated).

4. Power blazers

I say power because I’m talking about the ones with some mega shoulder pads. Who wants a weak blazer? Nat me. I’m in the mood to feel like a kick ass girl boss and I feel like buying every shoulder-padded jacket I see is the only way that’s possible… (excuse me whilst I try to justify my 40 million blazer purchases). But seriously, this velvet number is one of the favourites I never thought I’d have. Goodbye spring florals, hello spring velvet.


5. Slogan tees

I’ve never been a jeans and tee kinda gal, which is ironic considering both of these things are in my top Spring items. Oh, how we evolve – or in my case morph into a lazier laid-back (lol, ok not that laid-back) version of myself. A version that considers comfort more important than fashion. I mean, I don’t even know who I am anymore. Luckily for us, t-shirts look great under blazers and tucked into a pair of jeans, sooo I think we can agree that they’re a must-have for spring. And when I say ‘they’ I mean as many as you can fit into your t-shirt drawer.

6. Textures

Interesting and textures don’t have to be left behind after Christmas. Personally, I think the often grey beginnings of Spring could do with some sparkly sequins, and its certainly still chilly enough to don that faux fur coat. As I mentioned earlier, I’m OBSESSED with this velvet blazer, and although the fabric is most popular over the festive period, the shade of lighter pink makes it totally wearable for Spring. Something else i’ll definitely be adding to my wardrobe this season is a fluffy bag (like this Topshop one). I mean, I think it would be dumb not to.


Blazer – BOOHOO |Jeans – Topshop |Bag (old, similar linked) | Hat – H&M (similar) | Boots – Zara 



Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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