The online stores you’re going to want to hit up

I was thinking about writing out a piece on body confidence but as I lay here in bed surrounded by empty yogurt pots and cereal bar wrappers feeling slightly nauseas with guilt (and too much food) it wouldn’t be the most sincere. And yunno, that’s not what I’m all about. Nothing but honesty here, hun.

Instead I thought I’d share my favourite places on the internet to shop, because what else is there to do when you’re home alone on a Friday night? (aside from binge eat your way through an entire week’s Tesco shop). I mean, this is prime online shopping time, am I right?

Nasty Gal

I remember back in my first few years of uni when Nasty Gal first exploded, and straight away they were the retailer to go to for party dresses and the latest edgy/ fashion forward pieces. Overtime I’ll admit that my infatuation with this brand dwindled and I kinda forgot about it’s existence. That’s until I clicked I was inspired by a couple of gals on the gram (sorry, cringe) and realised that actually, I really bloody love Nasty Gal.

If you’re into the 70s trend, you’ll love their current stock. Think brown tones, wide leg silhouettes, satin dresses, and retro t-shirts. Oh, and if you’re into sweary words, they have an assortment of inappropriate slogan tees, which btw are just hilarious (does this make me immature?) I mean, there’s a lot with the word ‘fucking‘ printed across the chest – maybe not office appropriate, but definitely amazing nonetheless.



I know for many of you Zolando is old news, but I’ve only recently bookmarked this online retailer and started browsing through their huge selection of brands on a regular basis. And by regular, I mean like several time a day, lol. Whether you’re looking for sportswear, hight street, or luxury, Zolando has it. From Mango, to Whistles, to Nike. There’s an abundance of brands available, which in my opinion is super convenient – like ASOS only different.

Olive Clothing

So this one is a little bit more on the pricey side, but you won’t find a more aesthetically pleasing website. Olive Clothing is adorned with the most simple but unique pieces and the quality is reflected in the price. Think pinafores, pussy-bow shirts, and floaty smock dresses – whats not to love?



It may seem like an obvious place to go when shopping online, but I was a little sceptical of Boohoo until late. How could something so cheap look so good? I wasn’t buying it – literally. But since I stumbled across this blazer for just £35, I’m never away from Boohoo.com. The constant discount codes and £1 next day delivery make it my go-to place for basics or a last minute outfit.


If you’re still into ruffles and exaggerated sleeves (helloo, aren’t we all?) then get your arse to Chicwish. Well actually, just get yourself to a computer. Or a phone. Anything with wifi really. The pricing sits pretty much in the middle – similar to Topshop – so isn’t going to totally break the bank. Unless you’re me of course and just want to buy EVERYTHING. They have 25% off ‘new in’ right now and I’m seeing lots of check, tweed, mesh, and pearls. My heart is telling me no, but my computer mouse is telling me F YEAH.



T-shirt – Mango (similar) | Blazer – Boohoo | Jeans – Topshop | Tank top – Topshop | Boots – Zara (similar: ASOS) | Hat – ASOS

Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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