The six city break essentials that you need to pack in 2018

If you weren’t dreaming about what amazing city you’re going to visit first as soon as the bells rang in 2018, then you’re lying. There’s something about the looming greyness of January that makes everyone (come on guys, I know it ain’t just me) want to get away. And if you’re like me, a city break is the perfect thing to get you through the long stretch of winter left ahead. I mean, it’s only one week into the new year and I already feel like Christmas was an eternity ago.

So, if you are super organised and have booked a few trips for the coming months, hopefully this post helps you if you’re ever wondering ‘what the hell do I pack for three days in a city?’ 


A white shirt/blouse

I know it sounds pretty dull and more day in the office than shopping along the Champs Elysees but hear me out. White shirt, blue jeans – it’s a classic, so much so that Lana wrote a song about it (virtual high five if you got that reference).  Whenever I’m away for a few days, whether it be in the depth of winter or the heat of summer, a white button-down has never let me down. Layered under knitwear or a blazer and overcoat in the winter or tucked into a midi skirt in the summer. (Tip: if you’re not sure whether you’ll have access to an iron, opt for a chiffon blouse that doesn’t crease).

Kitten heel boots

I was going to say ‘block heel boots’ but then I realised I’ve been reaching for my kitten heels way more often lately and if I’m being honest, would pack those over my other boots right now. I know they don’t seem the most practical but they will give any outfit an instant upgrade and the low heel makes them pretty easy to walk in. Also, the sock boot style can be folded up and squashed into the smallest of spaces in your suitcase, making room for other necessities. Like a shit tonne of sunglasses. Sorry not sorry.


A versatile cross body bag

So I tend to want to lug my entire life around when I head out for the day, and having a rucksack on my back just encourages me to shove in things that I really don’t need (i.e. seven lipsticks, four lip liners, three perfumes, and a small dog). Taking a smaller cross-body bag will not only force you to prioritise the items you really need throughout the day but it also means you’re less likely to be pick pocketed if you keep it zipped and in sight, unlike a backpack.


Yeah, kitten heels are cute (or ugly depending on your stance), but they’re not always practical, particularly if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking around. Which is why I always take a pair of trainers to stomp around in during the day. Usually my trusty Nikes that I pair with virtually anything – from jeans to skirts to dresses.


Wide leg trousers

Wide leg trousers because they’re roomy for when you eat too much pasta in Rome. That wasn’t even a joke – It’s true, they are a godsend. Or anything with an elastic waist really. Loose fitting trousers are perfect, because not only are they physically lighter than taking a few pairs of jeans but they’re also a lot more comfortable than denim. And they look great dressed down in the day, with a sweatshirt and trainers, then paired with a blouse and boots in the evening. Parfait!

Thin knit jumpers

Pretty basic but also pretty damn handy. Have you ever tried packing various chunky jumpers into a cabin-sized bag? Yep, virtually impossible unless you have a boyfriend to struggle to zip it up whilst you sit on top of the suitcase. Instead I opt for Zara’s fine knit jumpers from their basics range. I have one in virtually every colour but navy, black, and grey are my go-to options for when I’m going away. Also, they fit under any coat and don’t leave you feeling bulky AF.


So whether you’re popping to your nearest city for the night or escaping to a European destination for a long weekend, hopefully this post gives you some inspiration.


Shop this outfit

Shirt – ASOS| Jeans – ASOS | Blazer – Boohoo | Shoes – Zara | Bag – Gucci | Glasses – Zara | Belt – ASOS

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