After passively slagging off New Years resolutions in my last post (read here), I’ve given into the cause and settled on a goal for 2018. To wear more clothes. Not more clothes as in ‘how many knitted jumpers can I pile on under this coat‘, but more clothes as in variety.

It’s not that I’m against New Years resolutions, its just that I’m pretty shit at not breaking them (read: I will never give up chocolate). So a resolution revolving around my daily wardrobe is probably something I’m more likely to stay on board with. Not to mention, my tendency to throw on the same breton top and washed black jeans everyday is getting dull.

We all love our comfort clothes (almost) as much as our comfort food. The pair of jeans that have room for that extra piece of cake, the knitted sweatshirt that’s beginning to bobble, and the boots that are worn down so far the heel is almost gone. The pieces we wear and love day in and day out mean that theres a pair of unloved trousers hanging in the back of the wardrobe, or a pleather skirt you don’t feel confident enough to wear hiding under a pile of jeans. You feel me?

For me, it’s purely a body image issue coupled with not having enough time in the mornings before work. The moment I feel that something is unflattering, I shove it straight to the back of my wardrobe, rarely to be seen again. Which isΒ notΒ ideal. 2018 is the year I throw the word ‘flattering’ out of the window and wear whatever the hell I think looks cool. I.e. these River Island trousers that come so far up my body that it looks like my grans just pulled my breeks up (thats trousers in Scottish) after tucking in my shirt. But yunno, I like ’em. Or simply switching my basic white blouse with one with a faux fur collar. It’s time to mix things up on the daily and I’m buzzing for it.

What are your resolutions?

Shop this look

Blouse with fur collar – Zara (SALE)Β |Trousers – River Island (SALE)|Coat – French Connection |Boots – BOOHOO | Hat – ASOS



Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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