The most wearable statement coat

Y’all know me – I love a good statement piece. Although not one to take trends and current ‘it’ items too seriously, I do find myself willing to dabble in the season’s statement coats. Spring, summer, autumn, you name it – whatever the season, I’ll be over here scouring the web for the newest and coolest coats. Which brings me to the jacket of winter 2017, i.e. the fluffy coat of dreams.


Faux fur is having a moment (like it does every damn year, but whatever, its still exciting) and I’ve been trying to sniff out the perfect one for weeks. Obviously I bagged my beautiful pink Mango one (see it here), but I was beginning to become more aware of how inappropriate that coat is for popping to the shop for milk. So, here I am with a coat thats statement enough to take a boring old outfit from zero to hero (just my opinion) but not extra enough to warrant sideways glances from the old ladies in the milk isle. Honestly, you’d think i’d murdered their cat. Shame, grannies usually like me too.


DSC_0913So basically this Stradivarius coat is fab. Which I’m pretty freakin’ glad about because there’s nothing worse than being so psyched when you spot your loyal DPD driver (shoutout to Ivan) pull up outside your window, only to tear open the bag and discover that your most recent buys make you look like a sack of tatties. Trust me, we’ve all been there.

I’m rambling, but the point is I accidentally spotted this coat whilst half-heartedly scrolling through ASOS, because what else is there to do when procrastinating? Anyway, said coat then accidentally ended up in my basket then coincidentally ended up in the hands of a slave to fashion – aka me. DSC_1022One of the reasons that I instantly loved it – aside from it’s devilish good looks – is that it’s not too thick. Which means I don’t look like a big rolly polly snowman (basically me in any kind of puffa jacket) and also means that I can move your arms around pretty freely. Is it just me or are fur coats usually so restricting? I end up walking around like a tin man. Anyway, this one allows me to float around like the graceful lady I am (LOL, can we just pretend this is true for a second). Also, the neutral colours make the print super easy to wear and the length is just spot on for me – long enough to cover my arse, just the way I like it.DSC_1012DSC_0985For the rest of my outfit, I opted for this trusty Mango turtle neck (surprise surprise), but changed things up a little by layering a glittery crochet vest over the top. Ooooh, check me out. Usually the words crochet and vest make me want to run in the opposite direction, but clearly if you add glitter into the mix, it makes it totally wearable. Logic? Don’t ask me. The rest of the look is pretty basic – y’know, black boots, black jeans, and you guessed it – black hat. But sometimes you just gotta let your fluffer of a coat do all the work for ya. Oh, and obviously, the large tote bag is for snacks. Amen. DSC_0978DSC_0918

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Coat – Stradivarius | Boots – Office Shoes | Jeans – Topshop | Glitter top – Topshop | Turtle neck – Mango

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Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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