Ok, maybe not Prada, but definitely slightly more expensive.

Since September has rolled around and I’m two days (JUST TWO DAYS!) into my self-imposed shopping ban, I’ve been trawling Pinterest in search of some inspiration. I find that it’s a great platform to pick out looks that I like and that can be recreated using the items I already have in my own wardrobe. Which is when I realised that instead of being huffy about hating all of my clothes, I should just ‘upgrade’ what I have. And whilst cutting back on my spending habits, I decided it was time to focus on making budget outfits look more expensive

Disclaimer: I’m in no means an expert in this and don’t claim to be. This is just my personal thoughts and opinions, which will hopefully inspire a few of you out there.


1.Add a belt

Believe it or not, this coat is from Primark. Yep – I couldn’t believe it either. I actually spotted it on my way to the checkout with my £2.50 socks and made a bee-line for it immediately. I was almost about to shove it back on the hanger – I decided it was more ‘I’ve just robbed my dad’s wardrobe‘ than ‘I’m effortlessly stylish‘ – when a lady next to me told me it looked great on me. So, obviously it ended up in the bags with my cheap socks. Although the coat itself looks and feels a great quality for the price I paid, adding a belt not only made my whole outfit instantly more interesting and less like I’d stolen my dad’s overcoat but also like I paid a lot more for it (well, in my opinion).

2. Opt for a neutral palette 

I know colour had it’s moment in SS17 and honestly it felt so freeing to break out of that monotone, tumblr-esque scandi thing. But whenever I want to feel polished and put together without breaking the bank, I always go for staple pieces in black, camel, shades of beige, and crisp white. There’s just something super sophisticated about an all-neutral outfit (even if the whole look from hat to shoes cost under £100!)

3. Keep it simple

Do the words ‘breton top’ make you want to yawn? I know I know, we’ve heard it all before, but seriously they are one of my most worn items all year round. In this particular case, the more simple your clothing, the better. Nothing gives a cheap buy and badly made purchase away like lots of attention-drawing details. i.e. buttons and the sleeves on blouses.

4. Black jeans or trousers are your best mate

Black jeans are black jeans – I mean, you’d never know whether these were £42 Topshop Joni jeans or a £12 knock-off from Primark. Just make sure you don’t walk out the door with big foundation marks on the thighs, particularly if you have a habit of whipping your grubby hands on your clothes like I do. Yep, I’m a messy human.

5. Structure is key

A wide brimmed fedora and a structured handbag tend to work better here than a big slouchy bag and a knitted beanie hat. Again – keeping them black makes you look extra slick and like you just walked out of the Victoria Beckham (the queen of looking extra polished) show at LFW. Who wouldn’t want that?

6. Go braless

Okay, I know this probably isn’t an option for everyone, but if you can – ditch the bra! Nothing cheapens an outfit like visible bra straps or that annoying gap you get between cup and boob. Also, is it just me or does nothing say ‘high fashion’ like a little bit of nippleage?

7. Keep ’em pointy

I just can’t stress enough how much I prefer my footwear with a pointed toe. There’s just something about a pointy (and ‘witchy’ as Euan likes to refer to them as) boot that makes you feel ten times more confident and ready to absolutely boss the day. Personal preference? Maybe. But when it comes to wanting to look smart on a budget, black pointed boots are a winner in my eyes.
DSC_2901DSC_29008. Don’t forget your lippie

If you’re anything like me, lipstick can take your confidence from 0 to 100 in just one swipe. If you feel good, confidence, and quite frankly like a girl boss then hands-down you’re going to look like one too. I always go for a fuchsia (Chanel in shade l’exuberant) or a cool-toned red (mac Ruby Woo) paired with minimal to none eye makeup (I totally can’t stand when it all smudges and I end up with tired-looking panda eyes).


Coat – Primark | Top – ASOS | Jeans – Topshop Jamie  | Shoes – Mango | Bag – Mango (similar) | Belt – ASOS (similar) | Hat – H&M | Earrings – Mango


Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

2 replies on “8 ways to take an outfit from Primark to Prada

  1. I’ve always thought your outfits look expensive, you always look so polished and smart! I definitely think accessories make a huge difference, I’ve been searching for a decent belt for forever now because I know how transformative it can be. The pointy shoes also make a huge difference! x

    Summer, http://www.thetwinswardrobe.com


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