Coat – Zara | Blouse – Stradivarius | Shoes – ASOS(old)| Jeans – Weekday | Watch – Vivienne Westwood

I’m a preacher of ‘fashion has no rules’, however maybe shopping does. Well, not rules as such – more like sensible guidelines that will make sure you get the most out of your clothes and your money.

Recently I went through a period of what seemed to consist of endless shopping, a wardrobe stuffed full of (pretty unloved) clothes, and that ‘I have NOTHING to wear’ feeling. I just couldn’t understand it. How could someone with so many clothes, so many ‘key season’ pieces, have nothing to wear? Then I realised – I wasn’t loving what I was buying.

I decided then that it was about time I set myself some criteria when it came to shopping. Quit the impulsive and impractical purchases and be excited about the clothes I own.

If you don’t want to tear the tag off and change into it immediately, you don’t need it in your life. 

Seriously, if you don’t want to run into the closest public toilet and change into your new blouse, jeans, whatever it is you bought, then maybe it’s not meant to be. Sounds a bit cringe right? But I know after years of spending money on things just because I wanted to ‘try out the trend’ or because it was in the sale, that if it doesn’t instantly excite me, then it’s unlikely that I’ll ever feel really fab it in. Next time you’re going to buy that shirt in the Topshop sale just because it’s in the sale, ask yourself ‘am I excited to style this?’

If you’re constantly tugging and pulling, it’s not for you. 

Comfort has become increasingly important to me when it comes to my personal style and feeling good in what I’m wearing. During my uni days, I was a total advocate of ‘fashion is pain’. Even though the idea of a short bandage bodycon skirt was appealing, the reality was that constantly hauling my skirt down over my bum as it rode up with every step did not make me feel confident or cute.

Can’t find anything in your wardrobe that works with it? Send it back. 

Struggling to make those new trousers work for you? Maybe it’s time to admit defeat. I know some things are more versatile than others, but if it doesn’t fit into your personal style, guaranteed it will hang miserably in your wardrobe forever more. Be true to yourself, embrace your authenticity, and know that sometimes it’s okay to stick within your fashion comfort zone (psst, I wrote more on this topic here!).

Will this stand the test of time? 

Now, I know all too well that Primark’s £3 t-shirts are all too tempting – every time I walk in the door, I leave with like 5. Literally, every time. But by the time I’ve stocked up on plenty of these bargain tees, I may have well have spent that little bit extra on a t-shirt of a better quality. Zara basics – also super cheap – are a better fit and tend to last more machine washes, Although my ultimate fav has to be the Forever tee from ASOS – slightly higher price tag, but definitely worth the extra dolla.

Follow your heart

Yep, I said it (cringe factor: 10/10). But if you’ve been obsessing over it for days, I think it’s time to bite the bullet. I went back and forth, debating with myself over this sleeveless trench (from Zara’s new A/W collection) for about a week before finally proceeding to checkout – and I’m SO glad I did!

How do you guys feel about fast-fashion and the pressure to keep up with trends?

Til next time,


Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

One thought on “5 things to ask yourself before you hand over your bank card

  1. Love this post hunny! I do the same! I’ve recently just taken stuff back I bought weeks ago, tag still on before realising I can’t like it that much! And I’m about to Depop loads of pre pregnancy items I severely doubt I’ll wear again (even if I do get my body back to how it was) xx

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