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I feel a little awkward writing this as it’s been so long since I wrote an actual blog post. In the time I’ve been away I’ve moved flat, been on holiday and have just been super busy with working full time and trying to squish exercise into any free time I have. Hopefully I’ll be making my posts more frequent from now on – I forgot how therapeutic tapping out my thoughts on here is. So today I wanted to share the ultimate comfy, cosy, and admittedly monochrome Sunday look.

Since the start of the year I took a vow to inject more colour and vibrancy into my wardrobe, which I think I definitely did. I mean, I strutted around in the brightest pink trousers, I carried my purse around in a satin yellow bag, and I embraced orange lipstick. But since returning from my summer holiday filled with floral shorts and girly blouses, I’m finding myself being drawn back into the whole minimalism thing. Before I’d even jumped on the plane back to Edinburgh, I was envisioning cosy cardigans and breton stripes.

Let me begin by gushing over these white jeans. If you follow me on instagram you’d know that i’ve been struggling to find a good pair of jeans – preferably white – for months and was just about to give up when I finally found the ones. Admittedly, I chopped a good chunk off the length and the waist is a tiny bit big but that’s nothing a good old belt can’t fix.

The cardigan is something I never thought I’d be comfortable with wearing out of my flat. I’ve never been a cardigan-wearing kinda gal, particularly this one which is pretty long on my 5ft frame. I decided to wear it out for coffee and lunch – the weather is pretty grey and rainy (ah Scottish summers) and it was light enough to not make me overheat but to keep me warm against the gusty breeze.

As much as I enjoy being experimental with my style, I still feel most confident and comfortable in casual pieces in white, black and shades of grey. Does that mean I’m boring? Probably. But these are the pieces that will never date – the classic basics.

What do you wear on a lazy Sunday? Sometimes I never get out of my PJs…





Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

2 replies on “A Lazy Sunday | Am I over colour?

  1. I love the jeans and the way you styled them! I often alternate between the brightest of colours and neutral tones myself so I get where you’re coming from. x



  2. I love this outfit! Minimalism is my favourite way to dress, plus outfits like this gets me so excited for autumn. Gonna need to go buy that cardigan now, it’s gorgeous! x


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