Hey guys, welcome to the ultimate lazy girl outfit post. If you’re anything like me – that’s extremely pasty and unlikely to have shaven my legs – finding something to throw on when it’s warm outside can be difficult. So naturally, I’m back with a spring/summer outfit that requires very little effort, minimum limb baring, and a low risk of flashing your knickers when the wind picks up (you know what I mean – I can’t be the only one that’s always holding down a summer dress for dear life whenever that gust of wind blows your way).


Can’t be bothered to fake tan? Not a fan of having your shoulders out? This gingham (oooh, look at me being all on trend) number is the perfect two piece, with the addition of a plain white T! Not only does the length of the midi skirt (please bare in mind that I’m not the size of a normal human being) mean you can get away with slightly stubbly pins, but it also has THE stretchiest waist band so is totally perfect for post pig-out  bloats. The model on the site actually had some midriff on show, however being the tiny pee that I am, the top covered my entire torso (crop tops just aren’t crop tops when you’re 5ft small). Anyway, I like to think I made it work…

DSC_1970DSC_1972 DSC_2030

I layered it over a plain white tshirt because it’s still a little chilly here in Edinburgh, and by chilly I mean pretty much baltic. And v Windy… But I won’t moan about the weather. I’m also not a fan of having my arms on show, so whilst this t-shirt works fine for warmer days, I’m definitely going to try styling this with a white shirt.  Oh, and obviously I’m going to be wearing these pieces as separates throughout summer – what an versatile investment (ahem, at £29.99 I couldn’t not justify it).


Honestly, I love summer time but I’m really not in love with summer dressing. When you’re not totally confident in the idea of having your skin on show, wearing a skimpy jumpsuit or short shorts can be daunting. What do you guys tend to wear when you don’t particularly want to get your body out? or ahem, when you’re lazy like me and totally haven’t shaved your legs, moisturised your limbs, or fake tanned that pasty complexion.


Skirt & Top – Zara|Trainers – New Look | Bag – Zara | Jacket – Zara | Sunglasses – Breo

Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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