Hey guys! Being an avid follower (and fan girl) of so many inspiring bloggers, I’m always wishing I knew more about them as individuals. In the blogosphere, all we see is tiny snippets of each others lives and let’s not pretend that we’re not all nosy and are dying to know more about each other.

So, I was struggling to come up with something I wanted to write about and I felt like me chatting you through my outfit would be pretty dull,  I’m going to tag a few of my favourite girls on Instagram and hope they do the same!


Who am I?

I’m 22 years old and graduated with a degree from the University of Edinburgh last June. Since then I’ve worked as a marketing executive at a veterinary company called Vets Now, which means that I get to work as part of a marketing team made up of 10 smart and inspiring (and actually v. funny) people. I live with my boyfriend (who’s doing his post grad in Law/ being my personal photographer) in the centre of Edinburgh.


Would you like to move abroad?

With the risk of sounding pretty dull and lacking ambition, I honestly have very little desire to actually move abroad to live. I’m super happy in Edinburgh, but if I were to move it would 100% be New York or Paris (maybe it’s time to start brushing up on my French again?).  However, I do like to travel and I’m particularly fond of a city break.


 Where do you buy your jeans?

Topshop! I’ve repurchased numerous pairs of Joni jeans over the years and dabbled a little in the Mom jean department. Recently though, I bought a pair of kick flares from Monki via ASOS and I absolutely never have them off. I did have to cut them because they were like a foot too long mind you, but we can’t have it all…

DSC_1435 How would you describe your style?

This is a hard one and it’s quite hard to pin-point. I’d like to think it’s something along the lines of classic and minimalist with a hint of preppy – think Olivia Palermo from The City crossed with Louise Thomson from Made In Chelsea. Although I probably resemble neither of the two… I tried.

What gets you down?

Grey weather for sure. If i’m ever feeling down and just generally meh, it’s always on the days where I haven’t had a glimpse of the sun or blue sky for too long. Also, if I’ve not worked out in a few days I start to feel pretty crappy. Cardio isn’t always the devil!


Do you prefer dressing for winter or summer?

Winter, hands down. Ankle boots, chunky knits, and wool coats in Autumnal shades are a few of my absolute favourite things. Also, you don’t need to worry about having smooth, tanned limbs (an unachievable thing for an eczema sufferer) because everything is covered up. I’ve also never felt confident showing skin, partly because of my paleness and partly because I’ve never been okay with my weight. P.S. who even has time to paint their toes before wearing open-toe sandals? Not me!


What do you order at Starbucks?

Firstly, I just wanna throw it out there that I’m not really into Starbucks coffee and if I had to choose I much prefer Cafe Nero – mostly because the staff at my local don’t judge me for my caffeine problem or the fact that I probably spend 80% of my wage on coffee, but let’s not talk about that… Anyway, when I grab a coffee it’s almost always an Americano with skimmed milk, and sometimes sugar free caramel if i’m craving something sickly sweet (which is like always).


What is your favourite TV show?

Gossip girl, forever and always. I’ve re-watched every season at least three times and it still never gets boring. Probably because I’m a tiny bit obsessed with Blair Waldorf, but whatever, she’s a QUEEN. I also love shows that involve food (i.e. Master Chef) and mega awkwardness (i.e. First Dates).


What is something no one knows?

Okay, I can’t lie about it anymore – I listen to Enya on repeat when I’m having a bad day. I’m not even joking. If you haven’t heard Orinoco Flow, listen to it here (look at me, shamelessly plugging Enya. I am LAME, but also secretly hoping that she’ll sponsor me).



Dress – StyleWe | Shoes – Zara | Shirt – Primark | Bag – Zara

Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

3 replies on “The things you probably didn’t know about me

  1. Ah I love this post! & thank you for tagging me on Instagram! There are so many inspirational bloggers in this community (you are one of mine!) & I love seeing fellow bloggers support and encourage eachother. I’m actually a *big* fan of Enya, her music is so calming and relaxing yet empowering at the same time?! I I’m always unsure about what to share and what not to share online but I am definitely willing to give it a try! Loved learning more about you, and love these pictures and outfit too! xx

    Summer, http://www.thetwinswardrobe.com


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