Okay I’ve just realised after uploading these pictures how desperately my highlights need a refresh, but lets just ignore that for now.

Lately I’ve been finding myself saying things along the lines of “I wish I was tall enough to wear this” or “If only I was skinny enough to pull this off”. Too many times have I rushed across a store to something that caught my eye only to disappointedly (and rather huffily) place it back because I’m not the ‘right body shape’. Standing at a teeny tiny height of 5ft, according to most fashion magazines and ‘style gurus’ I’m pretty much restricted to anything that falls above the knee or I run the risk of shortening my legs – sacré bleu, it’s the end of the world. 





Granted it may not be the most flattering of shapes for petite people like myself, but shorter women should be allowed to embrace longer hem lines without the fear of someone accusing them of not dressing accordingly for their size. Being the little human that I am, I find that Petite styles are limited so I tend to go for what should be culotte or midi length pieces on someone of average height so that they fall around my ankle – like this wide leg jumpsuit (scroll to bottom for full outfit details). I actually took this into the tailor to get it shortened and the lady refused to touch it because she thought it looked ‘beautiful’ the way it was, which totally proves my point – short women can wear something other than a mini skirt!


To make the jumpsuit more me, I layered it over a blouse for a kind of preppy, mixed with a touch of Wednesday Adams/ Violet from AHS Coven vibe. Also, because this jumpsuit is slightly on the larger side, it makes it great for layering shirts or even high neck knits underneath.


And on the topic of fashion ‘rules’, here are the ones I blatantly ignore frequently:

“Never wear black with navy”. I actually find that pairing black with navy in the right way looks very chic, sophisticated, and for me is a way to do Parisian without the breton stripes.

“Socks shouldn’t be seen”. As a teen I was a strong advocate of the masculine brogue and ankle sock combo and four years later still kinda love it. Also, if you have cute sparkly socks, you show the world those sparkly socks.

“Baggy tops should be paired with tight fitting bottoms and vice versa”. Just Nope. Playing around with different shapes and silhouettes is the best thing about fashion and personal style.

“Horizontal stripes make you look bigger”. This one is literally the worst. Breton stripes are life. 

“Trainers should only be worn to the gym, not with dresses”. Breaking two rules at once like a true rebel, I pretty much lived in my full maxi skirt and my Nikes all Summer.

What so-called fashion faux pas do you commit?

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit – Zara; Blouse – Primark; Loafers– New Look; Sunglasses – ASOS; Bag – Mango (old); Hat – H&M

Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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