OMG yaaas, pumpkin spice lattes are BACK.
Wait. Do I really want to drink all of those calories? I’d rather have a burrito. Pumpkin spice lattes are so basic anyway. I don’t want people to think I’m basic.

I just NEED to spend a gazillion pound on new stationery from Paper Chase because I’m going to be super organised this year.
Except I’m not going back to uni. Can I still buy pretty notepads? Umm, ALWAYS. 

Ugh, I think I’m getting ill.
My nose is all stuffy and my throat hurts. It must be the changing of the weather. Why does this always happen to me??!

I 110% need to go to Primark and buy a basket-full of cosy PJs.
And maybe i’ll grab some knitted beanie hats too. One in every colour. Oooh and these candles, they smell like Christmas. 

I don’t know what I’m supposed to wear. Is it cold enough for a coat? Do I wear a jumper?
There are people still wandering around in bare legs and sandals. I’m so confused. Maybe I’ll google appropriate clothing for 14 degrees. 

Why is it so hot today? I just wanted to wear my new beanie hat. 
Im literally the sweatiest human alive right now. I hope no one can tell. Maybe they’ll think its just a natural dewy glow. HA HA HA right.

Omg its only 8am and its PITCH BLACK. 
I forgot that it didn’t stay light til 10pm forever. I kinda like it. It makes me feel less guilty for being in my pjs by 7pm. 

Well I definitely didn’t get the summer body I was hoping for
Is there any point in trying anymore? I mean, no ones going to be able to see my flabby bits under all the layers of clothing soon anyway…

I totally won’t need to wear a bra under this jumper.
No one will ever know hehehe. Why are bras even a thing? Ugh. 

I’m really bloody glad that I wont have to shave me legs every day. 
or ever. Apart from when Christmas party season rolls around… or maybe I can just get a long dress. Yes. Plan. 

Posted by:Rebecca

Hello! I'm a pint-sized marketing graduate in Edinburgh. I spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, drinking copious amounts of coffee and thinking about what colour of lipstick works best with my outfit.

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